Benefits of Polarity Therapy

About Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a holistic healing system that works with this "life energy" in all its forms, using a comprehensive system of bodywork, exercise, nutritional guidance and verbal counseling.

The goal of polarity therapy is to realign and unite body, mind, spirit and emotions into harmony and vibrant health.

The characteristics of the human energy field have been known for centuries. For example, the term "polarity" refers to the universal pulsation of expansion/contraction or repulsion/ attraction, known as yang and yin in Oriental medicine. The understanding of the universal "life force" is known as "chi" in Oriental therapies, while in Indian Ayurveda it is known as "prana." Although this belief has been the basis of Eastern medical tradition for thousands of years, modern Western scientific research is now just beginning to understand and embrace the belief that energy is the source of all life.

The more recent and intensified interest in polarity therapy stems from its increasing success in preventing or treating such conditions as stress, arthritis, frozen shoulder, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, trauma resolution and back pain. Even athletes are using polarity to achieve and maintain peak performance.

The human body has an energy system similar to a magnet, having positive, negative and neutral poles and currents that flow through them. Subtle electromagnetic fields and currents are present in every cell, tissue and organ, and function to organize, vitalize and sustain all living things. This life energy expresses itself not only in our physical bodies, but also through our thoughts, feelings, personal relationships and everyday experiences.

When these currents are flowing, without significant blockage, we are functional, healthy and our thoughts and emotions are in alignment with our soul's truth (the source). When the currents are blocked, when our thoughts, emotions and body are out of alignment with the energy necessary to meet a life challenge, when we have moved away from source, energy imbalances appear in the form of physical pain, emotional distress and disease.

Currently, Western diagnostic tools, such as the EKG and EEG, which monitor the activity of the heart and the brain, respectively, are the closest we come to measuring these energetic or electrical currents in the body. Polarity practitioners use their hands to scan the body and energy currents surrounding the body in order to identify and release blocks and restrictions. 

Experiencing a polarity therapy session

Sessions usually take 60-90 minutes,does not require disrobing. It involves mostly light touch of different points of the body, applying hands on different areas, putting crystals on the front and then on the back of the body in order to release energy blocks, balance energy, clear and align. It also involves cranio-sacral work. A Polarity session with a skilled practitioner will result in deep relaxation,  state of mental and emotional clarity, feeling of inner balance and strength, release of physical pain as well as emotional. Continued sessions will assist client in maintaining focus and balance and continuation of enhanced and empowered personal growth.

Benefits of Polarity Therapy

        * Reducing stress
        * Increasing vital energy
        * Promoting healing through self-awareness
        * Restoring and maintaining proper energy flows throughout the body
        * Supports better sleep
    * Decreases anxiety
    * Nourishes and strengthens the whole body
    * Strengthens resilience to stress
    * Enhances immunity
  • * Decreases the drying effects of aging
        * Increases longevity
          * Stimulates the internal organs and circulation
          * Detoxifying tissue layers
          * Anti-inflammatory effect on joints

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